Friday, March 18, 2011

More Spring Break!

297. Pedicure
298. A clean van
299. Adult conversation and good food with friends
300. Three hours alone in the car

The kids stayed at Grammy and Bumpaw's all week and had a great time.

On Monday night they went out to Daddo's farm.

On Wednesday morning Sophie met Tate at Central Market for a cooking class.

John Curtis roamed the store with Grammy eating seaweed.

The finished product

I arrived Wednesday evening just in time to eat David's yummy fried fish at the Hamilton's.
301. A fish fry
302. Friends who are more like family
303. Watching our kids play with each other like we used to

The kids and I stayed until today. We did a lot of shopping and playing.

304. Shopping with Mom
305. New clothes
306. New shoes
307. Counting with John Curtis


TeamBortzfield said...

cute pictures! I wish we could have stayed to see you Wednesday. Chloe and I loved seeing Soapy and JC. Hope it's easy to get your groove back next week!

Grammy said...

We had a great time! I miss those smiling faces this morning. Thanks for sharing your week with us.