Friday, May 28, 2010

End of School Fun

What a great school year! Sophie has done so well in kindergarten and has loved the experience. I am so thankful when I think back to how nervous I was to send her off on the first day of school. I guess we will be going through all those feelings again in first grade as she'll be starting a whole new school then. We won't worry about that today though :)
On Thursday they had a promotion program that was really cute. Then all the kindergarteners went to the park to play.

Sophie got to come home early with me so we decided to go swimming at Miss Shelley's house. The Waltons joined us for our first official swim of the year.

Today was the last day of school. Sophie had a hard time saying goodbye to Mrs. Hernandez. She has been such a great teacher and answer to prayer.

They had a pizza party and then played games.

I didn't take any pictures tonight, but we started off our summer with our first visit to the Swim and Racquet. We met friends for some fun swim time and pizza.
We're looking forward to a GREAT summer!

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Grammy said...

So very glad she had a great first year! I have prayed for her first grade teacher already, and God has just the right person for Sophie. I am so proud of her!