Thursday, May 20, 2010

Firefighter JC

This is how John Curtis fell asleep Monday night. We took it off him since he sweats like crazy when he sleeps, but he came into the kitchen with it on Tuesday morning.
So this is how we went to the grocery store.
It is not unusual for him to go to the grocery store in his P.J.s on Tuesday morning since we go at 7:30 after I drop Sophie off at school. Getting 2 people ready by that time is often my limit. I guess it is pretty authentic since firefighters often jump out of bed and throw on their gear to fight fires. That is basically what John Curtis did. Thankfully there was no fire to fight at HEB this morning.

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Grammy said...

That is the strangest fireman hat I have ever seen. I am glad to know he is ever ready to fight that fire!