Friday, May 14, 2010

Field Day

Sophie's school had Field Day today.
She loved the sack race.

The Shoe Race

As I was helping out and filling up water guns that morning, I thought Sophie would never take part in this. The girl loves to swim, but hates playing in the sprinkler and getting sprayed on water rides. She's hated this since she was a baby. So I was pleasantly surprised and so proud of her to see her taking part in this and having fun.
The fun continued....
And then she got sprayed in the face and it was all over. The tears started and she decided to sit out. She sat the next one out, too. It was the water balloon toss. Having a balloon full of water bust on her is not this girl's idea of fun. So one of the dads got a game going with her. He would hand it to her and she would toss it to him. I'm so thankful that they modify in public schools.
Then we got to have a picnic. What a fun day!


Grammy said...

And this is the girl who does not like "winning games." Glad you had fun! I don't like water balloons, either, and you did not miss much!

Julie said...

Can't believe our girls are old enough to have a field day! Glad you guys had fun. :)

Melissa said...

How fun! Our school doesn't have field day :( .