Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Ballerina

Sophie had her first dance recital on Sunday night. I wasn't sure how she would do since she doesn't really like to be in front of people. She loves to dance though and did a great job. We weren't allowed to take video or pictures during the performance and she had to change backstage, so the only pictures I got are of her getting her flowers.
Grammy and Bumpaw escaped dance recitals with their own girls but couldn't escape them entirely.
James and Cindy were so sweet to come sit out in the heat to watch Sophie. Such special friends!
Sophie and Sweet Caroline
This is what John Curtis thought about it all:

Don't ask, I have no idea!
Sophie was all tired out but so proud of her flowers. She kept saying, "I've never had flowers of my own before." They may be the reason she stays in ballet. You don't get flowers when you play soccer!


Kristie said...

I'm so happy for Sophie! What a big day for her!

Julie said...

precious! tell her congratulations from emma. :) i think emma's favorite part were her flowers too. i have to remember to get those for her this year!