Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adventures in Grilling Part 1

A few days ago Taylor found an article from The New York Times entitled 101 Fast Recipes for Grilling. He posted it on his Facebook page and wrote that even if we only try a few it will add some variety to the menu. I decided not to take offense at that even though I do 98% of the cooking. Instead I decided we would dive right in. On Monday we all went to the grocery store and created a masterpiece of a meal that night. We tackled numbers 10, 44, 48, and 72 if you're following along.

The kids helped prepare the corn. I just put butter, salt, and pepper on it to begin with before it went on the grill.

This next picture is just for my friend, Carey. The sardines were Taylor's idea. He was solely responsible for preparing, cooking, and eating these babies. The rest of us stuck with the shrimp.
This was the part of the meal I was most unsure about. Skewer lettuce wedges and tomatoes and grill them. The tomatoes were good. The lettuce wasn't bad. It looked pretty anyway.
My grillin' man
So here it all is on the grill. The shrimp was tossed in olive oil, salt, and cumin.
The finished product. We squeezed grilled lemon over the fish and shrimp and sprinkled parsley over the shrimp.
We drizzled blue cheese dressing for us, ranch for the kids, over the lettuce and tomatoes.
To the corn we added mayo mixed with minced garlic and parsley.

The meal was a huge success. Sophie even said it was "the best". Stay tuned...tonight we're going to grill some fruit on the list.


TeamBortzfield said...

grilled lettuce! Who thought of that one? Bobby Flay I'm sure, he will grill anything.

Julie said...

I saw them grilling romaine lettuce on the Today Show the other day...it looked pretty good! Your meal looks delicious! Can't wait to have a grill again. Just 3 weeks!

Grammy said...

You are baby Pioneer Woman! Loved your pics and commentary.