Monday, July 12, 2010

Bathroom Floors

Remember this????
It's been sitting on Taylor's side of the bed so that every time he gets up he trips over it or scrapes his leg. He hasn't been procrastinating. This was the first weekend we have been home since we put down the floors. His crazy wife likes to be on the go in the summer. So finally we had a free weekend.
This is how our bathroom looked before. Not horrible, but not great.
We probably wouldn't have spent the money to put down new floors, but since we had them....
Taylor did this.

The kids' bathroom had a similar floor to ours. Since we have replaced every floor in the house except the carpet in the kids' rooms, we thought why not?
Taylor had been looking at these tiles during our many trips to Lowe's this summer. They are new and much easier to lay than ceramic tile. It was a very inexpensive way to do such a small space so he decided to go for it.
You really can't tell that it isn't ceramic tile.
Look at that precision around the toilet. After totally moving the toilet out of our bathroom and then resealing it, he worked really hard to just make the tiles fit around this one. I was very thankful for this. Helping to move the toilet is the only role I played in this project since the kids were home, but I hope to never do that again. I got that gunk stuff on me and wanted to throw up. It was not a pleasant experience.

I must say that Taylor continues to impress me. I did not marry a handy, do-it-yourself guy, but I have watched him evolve into one. Our combined cheapness, but desire to have a nice home motivates him. I am convinced he can learn to do almost anything (if he has his you tube videos). He has worked so many hours on projects to make our house beautiful and I love my home even more because of that. He finished these two projects this weekend even though he has a million other things to do - paperwork for refinancing the house, tons of reading for his D.Min., church projects. He spent his weekend doing this and swimming with the kids because he knew those things were important to us. Then got to church at 6:00 this morning to get some of his D.Min. reading done before the day began. I am thankful for all his hard work.


Carey said...

Looks goooooooooood!

Shanllleigh said...

Looks so great!

Grammy said...

That looks great! What talent he has! Let's go shopping for a new bathroom rug for the kids, OK? I think Taylor is a keeper.

TeamBortzfield said...

Love it! I didn't know you could re-lay hardwoods. Of course ours were all flood damaged...

mimi sharon said...

If that preaching thing doesn't work out I think Taylor may have a future in remodeling.