Sunday, July 11, 2010

Adventures in Grilling Part 3

Thursday night was Sophie's birthday meal and our friends, Victor and Courtney, were coming in from Waco. I talked Sophie out of the frito pie suggestion and we decided on quesadillas. We were almost deterred by the rain, but real grillers persevere.
We started out with an appetizer, number 9 on the list, grilled guacamole. We consume a large number of abotados (avocados) at our house so this was right up our alley. I halved and pitted some avocados and halved a red onion and Taylor threw them on the grill.
I chopped up a tomato and chopped the onion and a garlic clove in the food processor.
Then I mashed the avocados and stirred it all together. I added lime juice, cilantro, and some salt. VERY yummy. This one we will be doing again.
Then for the quesadillas (#88) I got the kids on the corn again. Then we grilled it and cut it off the cob. I chopped up some more of the red onion and mixed it with the corn, chili powder, and a little bit of mayo to bind it all together. Then I put it on a tortilla with some grilled chicken and cheese and we threw that on the grill for a few minutes.
It was really good, too. Once again I was busy talking to company and didn' t take a picture until I had started eating it, but I would recommend numbers 9 and 88.


Julie said...

Yummy! Will have to try these when we get our new grill in OKC!

Carey said...

And you already know how I feel about you taking care of Item #9 on the list without my help tasting it... but we'll just chalk it up to you "practicing" before having us over for it! ;)