Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adventures in Grilling Part 2

Wednesday night we had the Peacocks over and since they're such good friends we decided we could experiment on them. I had a chicken in the freezer so I decided to cook it in the crock pot in this Caribbean Jerk marinade. Of course it made me think of fruit so I went to our trusty list to see what they suggested for grilled fruit. I found number 20 on the list that said to grill pineapple or any fruit and then make up this interesting dipping sauce. So I chose pineapple and mango. I had to watch a you tube video to figure out how to cut up the mango and found that there really is an easy way. It was very helpful.
Then it was time to make the sauce. It was peanut butter, soy sauce, chili sauce, basil, and warm water to thin. We couldn't get it the right consistency so Carey added some toasted sesame oil and then we just kept throwing ingredients in there until it looked right.
I didn't get the pretty grill pictures this time because I was too busy talking. I had never had grilled mango, but I really liked it. Taylor thought the sauce with the fruit was a wonderful combination. Carey and Bill thought it tasted like salty peanut butter, but they liked it. I, not being a peanut butter fan, didn't care for it at all. The grilled fruit alone was really good though, and blended well with the flavor of the chicken (and I added in some rice).


Grammy said...

Not sure of the peanut butter, but everything else sounds great!

Carey said...

AND... CALEB ATE LIKE CRAZY!!! I think that's really the most important thing here! :) We really enjoyed you experimenting on us - so much so that I bought the sauce and a chicken to do here... wanna bet Caleb WON'T eat it here?!