Thursday, February 17, 2011

All is Grace

"If we can take everything God gives as grace and give thanks for it, there is joy." Ann Voskamp

122. The colors of the morning sky
123. Little girls talking about books they're reading
124. My little boy's smile
125. Friends to play with
126. Batting practice in the backyard
127. Friends who bring me Sonic drinks and know my favorite
128. Silly Putty
129. Bed head
130. Short sleeves
131. Car windows rolled down
132. Lost tennis shoes found
133. Sleeping children
134. Sophie singing in the morning
135. God works for the good - Romans 8:28
136. A new baby
137. Teachable moments
138. Loneliness
139. The night sky
140. Medicine
141. A grumpy boy
142. Deep breaths
143. Sleep
144. John Curtis talking about castles at 6:00 AM

145. Little feet sticking me in the back
146. Sprinkles on the windshield147. Sun peeking out
148. Artwork
149. Hearing a compliment about Sophie
150. A clean house151. Movie night on a school night (I'm feeling a little wild and crazy!)

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