Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Week with Mimi

My grandmother has been spending the week with us this week. I do not take for granted what a gift it is for my children to have a close relationship with their great grandmother. They love playing with her and will have great memories of time spent with her. John Curtis enjoyed getting to stay home with her while I drove Sophie around and ran all the errands he usually has to come along on. I, too, cherish the time I get to spend with Mimi and she was great help. I would come home from work at lunch to a clean kitchen and folded laundry. Maybe Mimi should move in with us. My parents had to drive a lot to get Mimi to me and back home again and I'm thankful for the effort they put out for us to have this time together.

173. Selfless parents
174. A colorful evening sky

175. Mimi
176. Seeing turkeys walking down the street on my way to school
177. Rest
178. Alone time179. JC loving his great grandmother
180. Games
181. Disappointment
182. Shopping in the morning
183. Hamburgers for lunch
184. Laundry folded
185. Dishwasher unloaded186. Laughter of young and old together
187. Evenings at home

188. Imaginations running wild
189. New magazine in the mail
190. Finding exactly what I'm looking for
191. Clearance aisle
192. Homework done outside
193. Swinging with Mimi
194. West Texas wind
195. Serving public school teachers
196. Hanging out with some girls
197. A church that loves the community
198. Little boys in their PJs all day
199. Not having to clean the kitchen

200. Learning to read God's Word
210. An easy week

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