Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

100. Tears and vulnerability
101. My Sunday School class
102. His body broken
103. His blood spilled
104. Joy of my church family
105. White moon in the afternoon sky
106. A chat with my sister
107. Gift cards
108. Mom reminding me of my list and not letting me have a pity party
109. John Curtis climbing in bed with me
110. A warm house
111. A smooth morning
112. A note from my love
113. My kids' schools114. Teachers we prayed for
115. Valentine parties

116. Winter days that feel like spring
117. Soda fountains
118. Valentine treats

119. DVD players in the car
120. Acorns
121. Valentine dinner with sweet friends

McDonald's for the kids

Outback for the mommies


TeamBortzfield said...

Chloe looking at the pictures with me said. "My kids are so cute!" I said who are your kids? "Soapy and her brudder"

mimi sharon said...

Good times; Is that a blommin Onion?

Lindsey said...

So sweet-Does JC's shirt say Bachelor?? HA!

Grammy said...

If I had a list, and I have ordered the book, reading your list would be on my list.