Monday, February 7, 2011

Date Night

Tonight was Sophie's 2nd Daddy/Daughter date night to attend. She was super excited and had fun dancing the night away.

Yes, my daughter has on a peace sign headband. I have lost control of her wardrobe. She has the cutest little clips to go with this dress (along with the hose and boots you can't see) but she was set on wearing this headband. Not wanting to ruin her special night, I let it go. It was very hard for this control freak, but I'm learning.

While Sophie and Taylor were eating yummy shrimp and Chinese food, my date chose McDonald's. I spent an upscale evening with John Curtis and my Nook in the play land. We'll enjoy every minute of them wanting to spend an evening with us while it lasts. They are two of my biggest gifts I continue to count.

49. Family hugs
50. My kids love to have sleepovers together
51. News of new life
52. Friendship
53. Children singing out in church, off key and unashamed
54. Standing in the sunshine
55. Simplicity of a 3 year old - "The stars are in the sky to make the moon happy."
56. His indescribable gift - 2 Corinthians 9:15
57. Stillness
58. Sophie looking in the mirror and smiling at what she sees
59. Date night
60. West Texas sunsets
61. Packages in the mail


Melissa said...

Sophie looked very cute, even with the peace headband-and I'm right there with you on the control issues.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Awww I love #55 The stars are in the sky to make the moon happy.

How precious!

Grammy said...

She is beautiful, making memories with her dad that will last a lifetime.