Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rodeo Day and Hoedown!

It's rodeo time in San Angelo and although we didn't make it out to the rodeo this year due to Taylor being out of town, there was plenty of fun for the kids at school. Both of them had a rodeo at their school and Sophie had a hoedown similar to her sock hop back in October. Once again I went crazy with the video so the grandparents could feel like they were there.
202. Dressing up

203. New clothes
204. Stiff bandanas

205. Little cowboys and cowgirls
206. Cowboy hats
207. Boots
208. Dancing

I love this picture of Mimi watching her dance

209. Hay bales in a field
210. Trees silhouetted in the sunset
211. Stars


Grammy said...

I felt like I was right there! Thank you! John Curtis has a better looking horse this year, I notice. Great pictures!

mimi sharon said...

So much fun, teaching kids to have fun is a great education. I think she gets her style and rhythm from Taylor.