Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is Valentine's Day a Holiday????

73. Another morning
74. No condemnation - Romans 8:1
75. A baby's laugh
76. People caring for one another
77. A cloudless blue sky
78. A sleeping baby

79. A dog who likes to cuddle
80. Toys to trip over
81. JC's superhero powers (underground eyes)82. Valentines filling a box

83. Chocolate sampling
84. A boy's wonder of rocks
85. Good food
86. Staying up too late

Taylor hates Valentine's Day. I'm indifferent to it, but my kids love holidays - any holidays. Which begs the question, is Valentine's Day a holiday? Regardless, we humor our children. Plus, I like any excuse to make thematic food. My aunt makes fun of me, but she doesn't mind eating it. So today was our official Valentine's Day celebration.
87. Waking up to little man's voice
88. Surprises
Sophie has been wanting to go to one of Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops since she read the flyer in the store at Christmas. So we registered for the one today and the kids got to make their own Valentine music boxes. It is a really neat thing. They get an apron and goggles and a patch to put on their apron every time they do a project. It's a wonderful thing. She can get patches just like a Girl Scout, but I don't have to sell cookies or wash dishes outside. Plus, it's free! We're already registered to build a car next time.
89. Kids hammering

90. Big smiles at what was accomplished
91. Giving92. The mess of Saturday afternoon play
93. Brownies
94. Reading in the sunshine
95. Time in the kitchen
Dinner (PW's meatloaf)
96. Slow Saturdays
97. A full heart

98. Bike wheels on the pavement
99. Counting stars

Happy Valentine's Day!


Julie said...

I love all of your Valentine's projects! I thought about having the girls make their Valentines this year...it would have given us something to do on the 7 snow days we had the past 2 weeks! I never got around to it though...they are coming from Target. :) We are going to have to take the girls to Lowe's sometime soon. That looks liked fun! Hope you are doing well! love ya.

Grammy said...

Happy Valentines's Day to 4 of the people who own my heart.

Kristie said...

You're amazing! That's just all there is to it. :)

e said...

I don't make fun! I love!