Saturday, December 4, 2010


One of our favorite ways that we try to observe Advent in our home during the Christmas season is to light an Advent candle every night and read a short devotional. This week we've been lighting the candle of hope and reading about the angel's visit to Mary and the shepherds.

The activity that went along with it was to make an angel and sheep ornament. We use the same book every year, so my kids are pros at it by now.

John Curtis's sheep
Sophie's sheep
John Curtis's angel that he colored at church so he didn't have to make one
Sophie's angel
John Curtis kept telling us about his "camel" pajama pants. When we tried to correct him and tell him they were camo, he said, "No!" and got his camel out of his nativity and said, "These kind of pants."

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Grammy said...

You can tell you do not have a hunter in your family! The Mississippi relatives will never understand!