Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Parade

It has become somewhat of a tradition for us to go to the Christmas parade with the Barkers. In fact, my very first post on my blog was of us at the parade. This year we all piled in their car, went to eat at Fuentes, watched the parade, and then drove by the river to look at lights. The last time we all fit in the same car was our first Christmas here when I was pregnant with John Curtis and all 3 girls were in car seats. Thanks to everyone being in booster seats now, we can all fit in one vehicle again.


mimi sharon said...

There's nothing like good friends to make good Christmas traditions with. Miss you.

Chris and Carolee said...

we were there too. it was cold. next year can southland have a float with a giant jesus on it?


Leia Barker said...

We're so blessed to have such good friends with whom to celebrate Christmas traditions--here's to many years of piling into the car! We love you!