Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

When we got home from Texarkana Saturday night the kids begged to put up the tree. We obliged thinking it would be easy - it wasn't easy. A strand of lights had gone out on our prelit tree. A few hours of work and a new tree later and we were back in business.
I always have happy visions of what this evening will look like. The fire will be going as we're all cozy in our PJs listening to Christmas music and reminiscing over the stories all the Christmas ornaments tell. Some years it is like that. This year it was not. The fire was going because our heat wasn't working. The Christmas music kept needing to be restarted because the tree took so long to get ready. By the time we finally got it up it was time for the kids to throw the ornaments on the tree and go to bed. Sophie was about to drive me insane asking questions about all of the ornaments. What normally would have been sweet was simply annoying as we were dealing with tree frustrations. Ah, those best laid plans. Real life seems to get in the way of them.
They had a lot of fun decorating their own trees. No assembly necessary on these.
The next night it was time to decorate the church during the Hanging of the Green. The kids both sang.

Then we had a dessert social afterward

Sweet boys are so lucky to have each other

These girls, too....

It reminded me of another picture I had to go find.

After the Hanging of the Green a few years ago. 2006 to be exact. The girls were 2.

They've grown up a bit but still love each other just as much.

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