Tuesday, December 21, 2010

John Curtis is 4!

On Sunday my baby boy turned 4. He forgot when he woke up and when we told him it was his birthday he said, "Right now?" He was so excited. He told everyone at church that he was 4 now.
We made the mistake of letting him choose where we ate lunch. Of course he chose McDonalds.
Taylor and Erick enjoyed a McRib...
REALLY enjoyed it.
Then we went home to open presents

and blow out the candle...
I made Pioneer Woman's macaroni and cheese, BBQ wings, and asparagus for dinner. He ate his share of the mac n cheese.

What can I say about John Curtis? Joy is always the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about him. He is compulsion, silliness, fun. The boy loves to play, play, play. Taylor, Sophie, and I have a tendency to err on the side of seriousness and caution. John Curtis keeps us from being too stuck in our ways. He makes us laugh every day. When we are discipling him we often have to go in the other room to laugh so he doesn't see us. He is the perfect completion of our family and I can't imagine life without him. He and I get to spend a lot of time alone together with Sophie at school and me teaching right next door to him. I love the time we have together. I know as boys grow older it is hard for them to stay close to their moms, so I treasure this time all the more when I am everything to him. He asked me the other day if I still loved him when he does bad things. I told him I would always love him no matter what he did and he would always be my special boy. He said, "What if I grow up?" I told him he would grow up, but he would still be mine forever. He said, "I will always love you and I will always see you." I'm holding him to it.


Debbie Mendrop said...

You pegged that little boy. Joy and love, wrapped up in energy and play. He is impulsive, but also sensitive and kind. I pray for him every day, that God will mold him into the man He created him to be, that he will protect him, and use him in a mighty way. It is good to know that he will always love you and see you. Good stuff.

TeamBortzfield said...

Happy Birthday John Curtis! He's a cotton headed ninny muggins, ELf is our movie of choice lately. I hope it's not a bad elf word. I mean it in a cute, endearing way. Love you!

mimi sharon said...

Happy Birthday John Curtis, you are loved.

Kristie said...

Happy birthday John Curtis! We are so happy to know you!!