Thursday, December 16, 2010

John Curtis's School Parties

It has been a month of parties for John Curtis. At school they have learned how different cultures celebrate and had a Hanukkah party one Friday and a Kwanzaa party the next. I took pictures of him eating at both of these, but they're on my camera that I keep at school and I'm too lazy to go back up there to get it. I figure I have plenty of pictures of him eating at school, as you will see...

Since he was going to have another party this Friday on the day before school let out I decided to do snacks for his birthday on Wednesday. His teacher doesn't like parents to bring cookies, cake, or cupcakes, but likes healthier food. I was stumped. Then I remembered that I won a cute little car pan from my friend Leslie's blog. Since the gingerbread turned out so well last weekend and I still had all the ingredients I decided that we would make gingerbread cars.
John Curtis loves to help cook with his new cooking utensils that Aunt Edie got him.

He gets very shy when people sing Happy Birthday to him.

Look...it's a picture of him eating at school.
And another one. And yes, Connor is always right beside him. They stay by each other all day and have since they were in the toddler room together. This is the piñata party they had today.
He LOVED hitting the piñata.

And getting the candy! What fun school is!

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Grammy said...

Wow, what a full week he has had! Party party party! And still 3 Christmases to go. Take your vitamins.