Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas with the Sandlins

On Saturday afternoon G-Momma, Poppa, and Uncle Erick came to celebrate Christmas and John Curtis's birthday with us. When they got here they took the kids swimming at their hotel while I stayed home and cooked dinner. After dinner we all opened Christmas presents.

Our big gift from them this year was a Wii.
The kids (and adults) have had so much fun playing it.
On Sunday morning they got to come to church and see Sophie as Mary in an interactive nativity scene.
Mary, Joseph, and Jesus
The first graders did a great job!

We also celebrated John Curtis's birthday on Sunday, but that deserves it's own post. We had a wonderfully lazy afternoon playing Wii (and dozing on the couch). Then Taylor, Kay, Sophie, and I went to church for a Family Christmas sing along celebration and hot chocolate. John Curtis was so wiped out he stayed home with Poppa and Uncle Erick. Then the kids got to go back to the hotel with G-Momma and Poppa and spend the night and the grownups got the Wii all to themselves. It was a treat for everyone! What a great time we had with family!

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Grammy said...

Oh, the Mary tradition continues! I got to be Mary in the Hawkins UMC Living Nativity, because I had long hair. It was outside, and FREEZING! Sophie, you made me proud.
Looks like a wonderful Christmas, the second of many. Love you!